01. Aristotle believed that the heavenly bodies moved only in circular [orbits] at a uniform speed.
02. In 1962, two Soviet spacecraft circled earth in adjacent [orbits], and were in visual and radio contact.
03. Some astronomers believe Pluto's strange [orbit] indicates that it wasn't one of the original planets at all, but rather a moon of Neptune that somehow broke loose.
04. In 1969, the Soviet Soyuz 4 and Soyuz 5 linked up to become the first manned spacecraft to dock in Earth's [orbit].
05. Johannes Kepler, a German astronomer and mathematician, made the discovery that the planets move in oval-shaped [orbits].
06. Halley's comet is named after Edmond G. Halley, who was the first to suggest that comets were natural phenomena of our solar system, in [orbit] around the sun.
07. There are more than 200 satellites [orbiting] earth solely for the purpose of private communications services, including pagers, telephones, and computers.
08. The sun, moon, planets and stars all move along their various [orbits].
09. The moon does not actually [orbit] the earth; the earth and moon [orbit] each other.
10. The moon [orbits] around our earth at an average distance of 384,401 kilometers.
11. The Americans have sent the space shuttle into [orbit] in an effort to retrieve a damaged satellite.
12. The classification of comets is determined by the type of [orbit] in which they move.
13. The space shuttle goes into [orbit] like a rocket, and returns to earth like an aircraft.
14. As of 2003, there are 58 known natural satellites [orbiting] the planet Jupiter.
15. When astronauts first shaved in [orbit], their whiskers floated up to the ceiling because they were weightless in space.
16. The Earth's [orbit] around the sun is not perfectly circular; it is slightly oval-shaped.
17. The United States launched a spy satellite into [orbit] in December of 1988.
18. The second part of the rocket carries the fuel which provides the thrust needed to get the rocket out of the Earth's [orbit].
19. Our earth [orbits] the sun at a speed of about 18.5 miles a second.

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